Lesbian accused of threatening to ‘thump’ transgender ‘b******s’

Black Jewish feminist Lesbian, Linda Bellos was accused of threatening to “thump” transgender that came near her.

Linda Bellos could possibly face a trial after Bellos told the rally audience that the she would “thump” those transgender that came near her. Bellos was reported to the police as caught on camera while she announces the threat at a “We Need To Talk About The GRA” (Gender Recognition Act event in York.

Linda Bellos 67, is from Bixley, Norfolk and report says that she is a labour activist & a former leader of Lambeth Borough Council & also a vocal opponent of transgender reforms. Last November 8 2017, Linda Bellos said: “Having born two children I think I’m physiologically, and in many other senses, a female and a woman. But I play football and I box, and if any one of those b******s comes near me I will take off my glasses and thump them. I am quite prepared to threaten violence because it seems to me politically what they are seeking to do is p*** on women.

Report says that private prosecution was launched by transgender rights supporters & the matter was dropped. A transgender woman, Giuliana Kendal will attend the preliminary hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court. Kendal said: “The person at the back in the public gallery is wearing a T-shirt that says “woman equals adult human”, and the defendant Ms Bellos is wearing a Suffragette coloured square .The T-shirt is a highly political emblem from an organisation called Standing For Women. It’s brazen in committing contempt of court and accusing me, the prosecutor, left right and centre. More to the point it’s also obviously and clearly a breach of the Equality Act. I say that because the offensiveness of the T-shirt and the offensiveness of the campaign is to deny me as a trans woman. It’s an abuse.”

Meghan Markle replica engagement ring is on sale by Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is now selling a replica of  Meghan Markle’s engagement ring for £30.

According to The Royal Collection Shop that the crystal ring is inspired by the rock that was given by the husband of Meghan Markle, Prince Harry ,34,. A pair of earrings was also on sale for £25 & a pendant necklace that would cost £30 that are based on the ring design. The replica engagement ring was made up of three crystal with an adjustable band that is made of palladium plated metal. The engagement ring of Meghan Markle was also designed by Prince Harry. The CEO of the British consultancy, David Haigh said that Meghan Markle has contributed £150 million to the fashion industry in British in the form of unofficial brand endorsements. “She ‘will quickly match or even surpass the Duchess of Cambridge in her incredible influence on the fashion industry”David Haigh said before Meghan Markle’s wedding.

Meghan Markle’s white line the label “power coat” was sold out with 12 hours only. She wore it during the announcement of her engagement. Report says that the engagement ring was created by the royal’s preferred jeweller Cleave & Company, Court Jewellers and according to the report that the estimated cost of the ring would be £199,475.

Child’s brain ‘is harmed by more than 2hrs a day screen time’

Study said that in order to improve your child’s brain power. You must limit them to 2 hours of mobile, TV & tablet time.

According to the scientists that if you will let your children spend more than two hours per day on watching TV or on their mobile phones can damage their brain power. Watching TV programmes, surfin on the internet, too much time in playing computer games can lead to a poor brain development, according to the scientists. Dr Jeremy, Walsh, CHEO Research Institute, Ottawa has led this study & according to him  that it is very important that children get the proper activity balance.

“Behaviours and day-to-day activities contribute to brain and cognitive development in children and physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and sleep might independently and collectively affect cognition. We found that more than two hours of recreational screen time in children was associated with poorer cognitive development.”- Dr Jeremy Walsh said. Children must have 9-11 hours of sleep & one hour of physical activity and must have a limited screen- time but only one in 20 children has met this daily guidelines.

Dr Eduardo Esteban Bustamante said: “Each minute spent on screens necessarily displaces a minute from sleep or cognitively challenging activities. In the case of evening screen use, this displacement may also be compounded by impairment of sleep quality.” Dr Eduardo Esteban Bustamante is from the University of Illinois, USA. Dr Bustamante also added: The strong associations between global cognition and meeting the recreational screen time recommendation found by Walsh and colleagues potentially reflect the interruption of the stress-recovery cycle necessary for growth in children who do not meet this recommendation.

How much income is needed to buy in USA’s largest cities

New released data revealed how much earning power is needed to purchase a home in each of America’s 50 biggest cities

According to the data that was compiled by  HSH.com, national consumer & mortgage information publisher that San Jose was on the top list, residents need to earn $274,623 per year in order to purchase a house, it is followed by San Francisco that needs $213,727 per year, next is San Diego $130,986 & Los Angeles residents need to earn $114,908 per year.

During an interview with the DailyMail.com, Lawrence Yun, chief economist with the National Association of Realtors said: ‘The economy is good, but there are just not enough homes for sale. The builders have not been building to adequately meet the rising demand.” HSH.com has considered the 50 most heavy populated cities in the United States 7 calculated the monthly principal, property tax, interest, insurance costs to decide what purchasers would pay for 30-year fixed rate mortgage.  Lawrence Yun said:” I would look towards areas where there is currently relatively affordable home prices along with positive business environment to create jobs. Generally the Rocky Mountain states, as well as the southern states. Places like Salt Lake City are really good candidates, as well as Boise, Idaho.”

The expensive regions are really facing this unaffordable situation, ‘Even if people are offered a good job in San Francisco (for example), there may be workers hesitant to move there because most of their income will be eaten up by housing costs.- Lawrence Yun added.

Heinz will NOT to change the name of Salad Cream to Sandwich Cream

Following the customer’s feedback. Heinz has announced that they will not change the name of SALAD CREAM into SANDWICH CREAM anymore.

A video of Heinz chiefs that was released yesterday admitting that they were wrong. As a part of rebrand, the Salad Cream was set to be renamed as Sandwich cream and Heinz said that it no longer fairly represents how most people uses it. Heinz announced in public that they will not be renaming the Salad Cream into Sandwich Cream anymore.

Jenny Lettuce, Heinz’s apparent head of feedback says sorry for the mistake. “We can’t ignore the will of the people after all. Salad Cream is here to stay’ – before she then takes a bite out of a sandwich.”- Lettuce said. Jenny Lettuce is also demonstrating a number of other extraordinary uses for the cream. According to Jenny Lettuce also that the cream is an essential part of her skincare routine for years, she is rubbing the sauce into her face. The Grocer said that the name “SANDWICH CREAM” is appealing to the young shoppers. Last year, United Kingdom’s sales of the brand has dipped 5.4% to £28.8 million. Heinz spokesman said on an interview: As a market leading business, Kraft Heinz continues to audit its portfolio in order to meet the needs of consumers. There are consumers now who haven’t grown up with the brand in the household and just don’t know about the iconic zingy flavour or what to eat it with.

Postman Pat and Rosie and Jim creator John Cunliffe dies at 85

The writer has passed away in his home town of Ilkley, West Yorkshire last Thursday. John Cunliffe died at the age of 85. John Cunliffe’s fans paid a tribute for him and wrote how he filled their childhood with so many happy memories. The BBC series has aired in more than fifty five countries while the Postman Pat first appearance on television screens in 1982.

Tributes for John Cunliffe were posted on twitter. Alice Webb, Director of BBC Children said: ‘We are saddened to hear the news of John’s death. Postman Pat has been a hugely popular character on the BBC for nearly 40 years and was an absolute favourite from my own childhood. Postman Pat’s enduring popularity speaks to the genuine charm and warmth that John imbued in the characters that populate Greendale. It’s a world you’d like to be part of – a community that cares, is full of heart and full of fun – and that is a lovely thing to show audiences, both young and old.John created a real and relatable world that will continue to entertain our audience for a long time to come and I count myself lucky to be one of millions of children whose childhoods were enriched by John’s creations.

Many people has paid a tribute for him on social media: One twitter user wrote: RIP JOHN CUNLIFFE YOU WAS PART OF MY CHILDHOOD! As of now, there were no update yet was is Mr Cunliffe’s cause of death

Carers ‘murdered 19-year-old woman with learning difficulties and claimed her benefits for 20 years’

A disabled woman was murdered by a two carers and claimed her £182,000  benefits.

On October 2016, Margaret Fleming was reported missing from her home but Margaret has not been seen since December of 1999, she was just 19-years-old at that time. According to a report that the two carer was named as Edward Cairney 76 & Avril Jones 58 they were being accused of abduction, fraudulently and murder. The two carer also claimed almost  £200,000 in benefits while living in Margaret Fleming’s home. The two carer were pretending that Fleming was still living at her home in Renfrewshire, Scotland.

On November 26, 1987 Edward Cairney was also accused for assaulting another woman named Margaret Cruickshanks at Seacroft according to the report that Cairney was pushing the victim against furniture, and put his hand around the woman’s throat & spit in her face. The two carers has denied all the charges. The two of them were also accused of trying to board a train to London at Glasgow Central Station on October 25 last year while they are holding  £3,500 and the keys to a safe deposit box. Margaret Fleming was captured together with the parents of Avril Jones, the second accused.

Man who lost hand in sausage-making ordeal cut off own arm

Myron Schlafman lost his hand while making a sausage on August 17.

‘When I cut off my arm, I could feel my nerves jumping’- Myron Schlafman said. According to Mr Schlafman that he lost his hand while he was making some sausage he added that his left arm got caught in an electric meat mixer and Myron was forced to cut if off above his wrist together with a butcher knife.

Mr Schlafman told the KFGO radio: “When my arm went in there, that must have been instant shock. I just looked and knew I was in big trouble. When I cut off my arm, I could feel my nerves jumping. If I would have hesitated, I would have stood right there and bled to death. It would be very easy to sit back, feel sorry for myself and get depressed. I went through Vietnam. I can handle this”. Myron Schlafman has spent nine days in the hospital and undergo three surgeries. Myron will be fitted with a prosthetic in a few months. ‘I think I’ve learned a few things new. I’ve always appreciated life, but not as much as I do now.’ – Myron Schlafman said.

Pablo Escobar’s escaped ‘cocaine hippos’ could be STERILISED

Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar escaped 4 hippos from California zoo because they are breeding like crazy. Other experts claim that they may be helping the environment.

Report says that the Colombian government conducted an investigation to castrate Pablo Escobar’s hippos which are storming through his hometown 25 years ago after Pablo Escobar’s death. Pablo Escobar is one of the seventh richest man in the world that bought four hippos from a Californian zoo in 1980s & he kept them outside his mansion in Doradal.

Few years now, the authorities have been seeking for some ways to control the population, because they were worried that the hippos displace endemic animals like manatees and otters & pose a danger to the local residents. A biologist with Aarhus University in Denmark, Jens-Christian Svenning wrote: ” Many large mammals have been introduced from other continents to various areas of the region for hunting or accidentally and it would make sense to more carefully consider their ability to substitute lost megafauna effects and balance these against any negative effects they might have, rather a priori viewing them negatively.”

Jens-Christian Svenning spoke to the National Geographic according to him that South America has lost dozens of giant herbivores in the last 20,000 years & he added that the hippos could help reverse the changes this has caused. Mr Svenning said:  ‘Hippos could likely contribute a partial restoration of these effects, likely benefiting native biodiversity overall.’

Woman ‘refused to provide police a sample of saliva because she had given her boyfriend oral sex

Woman from Port Kembla was pulled over by the authorities but the woman declined to give a saliva sample for the police drug test because the recently she had given her boyfriend oral sex.

In July, a female driver was caught by the authorities for not displaying P-plates & driving an unroadworthy vehicle. Report says that the female driver declined to participate in the police drug test because she had given her boyfriend oral sex recently according to her that she didn’t want to get done for anything that he has been taking.

According to the female driver’s defence lawyer Paul Cramer that his client was deeply embarrassed. According to him also that his client was studying physics at a university. The female was currently 18 weeks pregnant with her 2nd child. This was according to the Illawarra Mercury. The female driver was given a roadside breath test for alcohol which has returned a clear reading . The female driver has been disqualified for 6 months of driving and given three fines totalling $1200. Magistrate Peter Thompson has agreed to lower the fines because of the woman’s financial problem and of course the embarrassment caused.