Woman ‘refused to provide police a sample of saliva because she had given her boyfriend oral sex

Woman from Port Kembla was pulled over by the authorities but the woman declined to give a saliva sample for the police drug test because of the recently she had given her boyfriend oral sex.

In July, a female driver was caught by the authorities for not displaying P-plates & driving an unroadworthy vehicle. The report says that the female driver declined to participate in the police drug test because she had given her boyfriend oral sex recently according to her that she didn’t want to get done for anything that he has been taking.

According to the female driver’s defense lawyer Paul Cramer that his client was deeply embarrassed. According to him also that his client was studying physics at a university. The female was currently 18 weeks pregnant with her 2nd child. This was according to the Illawarra Mercury. The female driver was given a roadside breath test for alcohol which has returned a clear reading. The female driver has been disqualified for 6 months of driving and given three fines totaling $1200. Magistrate Peter Thompson has agreed to lower the fines because of the woman’s financial problem and of course the embarrassment caused.

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