Sean Quinn wants to “innovate” to help Irish

Despite his many troubles with his businesses and his family, the Irish businessman has continued in the business world and recently launched his brand new application that promises to help Irish people in their daily lives.

He said that, while it was true, sales and employment had increased in his former concrete and plastics manufacturing business, but he had no more raw materials “because nobody in the local community ‘was going to sell to what they would consider to be traitors and what I would consider as traitors.’

Formerly the richest man in Ireland, Quinn was ousted from his business by the € 2 billion debt she had acquired by buying shares in the former Irish bank Anglo Irish. He was imprisoned for contempt of court and declared bankrupt. An Irish consortium, backed by US investors, bought back part of its business, with Quinn’s blessing, and hired him as a consultant for € 500,000 a year. Sean Quinn left the role in 2016, saying it was “mutual consent,”

Meanwhile, the Sunday Independent has learned that Quinn Industrial Holdings has recorded 19 separate incidents since its takeover in December 2014, including an alleged physical assault on a parent of one of the group’s management in May, while threatening and hostile signs have occurred. been erected in the area.

Quinn’s public speech on Tuesday marked a rise in tension in the region in recent months. A new Facebook page, the Sean Quinn community, was launched in April by a group claiming to include current and former employees. A previous Facebook page had been closed by the High Court.


Sean Quinn has always condemned threats and intimidation against his former company. He repeated this weekend that he had not participated in any campaign.

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