Postman Pat and Rosie and Jim creator John Cunliffe dies at 85

The writer has passed away in his hometown of Ilkley, West Yorkshire last Thursday. John Cunliffe died at the age of 85. John Cunliffe’s fans paid a tribute for him and wrote how he filled their childhood with so many happy memories. The BBC series has aired in more than fifty-five countries while the Postman Pat first appearance on television screens in 1982.

Tributes for John Cunliffe were posted on Twitter. Alice Webb, Director of BBC Children said: ‘We are saddened to hear the news of John’s death. Postman Pat has been a hugely popular character on the BBC for nearly 40 years and was an absolute favourite from my own childhood. Postman Pat’s enduring popularity speaks to the genuine charm and warmth that John imbued in the characters that populate Greendale. It’s a world you’d like to be part of – a community that cares, is full of heart and full of fun – and that is a lovely thing to show audiences, both young and old. John created a real and relatable world that will continue to entertain our audience for a long time to come and I count myself lucky to be one of the millions of children whose childhoods were enriched by John’s creations.

Many people have paid a tribute for him on social media: One Twitter user wrote: RIP JOHN CUNLIFFE YOU WAS PART OF MY CHILDHOOD! As of now, there were no update yet was is Mr. Cunliffe’s cause of death

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