Pablo Escobar’s escaped ‘cocaine hippos’ could be STERILISED

Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar escaped 4 hippos from California zoo because they are breeding like crazy. Other experts claim that they may be helping the environment.

Report says that the Colombian government conducted an investigation to castrate Pablo Escobar’s hippos which are storming through his hometown 25 years ago after Pablo Escobar’s death. Pablo Escobar is one of the seventh richest man in the world that bought four hippos from a Californian zoo in 1980s & he kept them outside his mansion in Doradal.

Few years now, the authorities have been seeking for some ways to control the population, because they were worried that the hippos displace endemic animals like manatees and otters & pose a danger to the local residents. A biologist with Aarhus University in Denmark, Jens-Christian Svenning wrote: ” Many large mammals have been introduced from other continents to various areas of the region for hunting or accidentally and it would make sense to more carefully consider their ability to substitute lost megafauna effects and balance these against any negative effects they might have, rather a priori viewing them negatively.”

Jens-Christian Svenning spoke to the National Geographic according to him that South America has lost dozens of giant herbivores in the last 20,000 years & he added that the hippos could help reverse the changes this has caused. Mr Svenning said:  ‘Hippos could likely contribute a partial restoration of these effects, likely benefiting native biodiversity overall.’

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