Lesbian accused of threatening to ‘thump’ transgender ‘b******s’

Black Jewish feminist Lesbian, Linda Bellos was accused of threatening to “thump” transgender that came near her.

Linda Bellos could possibly face a trial after Bellos told the rally audience that she would “thump” those transgender that came near her. Bellos was reported to the police as caught on camera while she announces the threat at a “We Need To Talk About The GRA” (Gender Recognition Act event in York.

Linda Bellos 67, is from Bixley, Norfolk and report say that she is a labor activist & a former leader of Lambeth Borough Council & also a vocal opponent of transgender reforms. Last November 8, 2017, Linda Bellos said: “Having born two children I think I’m physiologically, and in many other senses, a female and a woman. But I play football and I box, and if anyone of those b******s comes near me I will take off my glasses and thump them. I am quite prepared to threaten violence because it seems to me politically what they are seeking to do is p*** on women.

Report says that private prosecution was launched by transgender rights supporters & the matter was dropped. A transgender woman, Giuliana Kendal will attend the preliminary hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court. Kendal said: “The person at the back in the public gallery is wearing a T-shirt that says “woman equals adult human”, and the defendant Ms. Bellos is wearing a Suffragette colored square. The T-shirt is a highly political emblem from an organization called Standing For Women. It’s brazen in committing contempt of court and accusing me, the prosecutor, left right and center. More to the point it’s also obviously and clearly a breach of the Equality Act. I say that because the offensiveness of the T-shirt and the offensiveness of the campaign is to deny me as a trans woman. It’s an abuse.”

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