Heinz will NOT to change the name of Salad Cream to Sandwich Cream

Following the customer’s feedback. Heinz has announced that they will not change the name of SALAD CREAM into SANDWICH CREAM anymore.

A video of Heinz chiefs that was released yesterday admitting that they were wrong. As a part of the rebrand, the Salad Cream was set to be renamed as Sandwich cream and Heinz said that it no longer fairly represents how most people use it. Heinz announced in public that they will not be renaming the Salad Cream into Sandwich Cream anymore.

Jenny Lettuce, Heinz’s apparent head of feedback says sorry for the mistake. “We can’t ignore the will of the people after all. Salad Cream is here to stay’ – before she then takes a bite out of a sandwich.”- Lettuce said. Jenny Lettuce is also demonstrating a number of other extraordinary uses for the cream. According to Jenny Lettuce also that the cream is an essential part of her skincare routine for years, she is rubbing the sauce into her face. The Grocer said that the name “SANDWICH CREAM” is appealing to young shoppers. Last year, United Kingdom’s sales of the brand have dipped 5.4% to £28.8 million. Heinz spokesman said on an interview: As a market leading business, Kraft Heinz continues to audit its portfolio in order to meet the needs of consumers. There are consumers now who haven’t grown up with the brand in the household and just don’t know about the iconic zingy flavour or what to eat it with.