Danish police under investigation after hugging woman in a niqab

A Danish policewoman is now under investigation after hugging a woman wearing a niqab during protest

Last month, a Danish policewoman was photographed hugging a woman wearing niqab in Copenhagen is now under investigation. This incident happened during a demonstration against Denmark’s ban on face veils. On the photo, the protester can be seen crying while she was being embraced by the Danish policewoman.

Venstre MP Marcus Knuth said: “The photo has made the police an involuntary actor in a very sensitive political debate which they should not participate in. The police’s job is to enact the law, not to hug people who are against it. According to the officer’s lawyer, Torben Koch that the policewoman felt that she had handled the situation properly within her role as a “dialogue office”, this role was created to calm the tension during the protests. Torben Koch said: “It is complete nonsense. As my client said if it had been any other person in the same situation she would have done the same, so it has nothing to do with her wearing the niqab.” Elsewhere in Netherlands, France, Europe, Bulgaria have implemented some restrictions about the full-face veils in public places. According to Torben Koch that it was not yet clear if the protested was hugged out off sympathy of just because she had been taken ill. The Danish policewoman’s name was not yet revealed in public but she is white & danish. Reuters has requested a comment coming from the Copenhagen Police but there was no response yet as of now.

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