Carers ‘murdered 19-year-old woman with learning difficulties and claimed her benefits for 20 years’

A disabled woman was murdered by a two carers and claimed her £182,000  benefits.

On October 2016, Margaret Fleming was reported missing from her home but Margaret has not been seen since December of 1999, she was just 19-years-old at that time. According to a report that the two carer was named as Edward Cairney 76 & Avril Jones 58 they were being accused of abduction, fraudulently and murder. The two carer also claimed almost  £200,000 in benefits while living in Margaret Fleming’s home. The two carer were pretending that Fleming was still living at her home in Renfrewshire, Scotland.

On November 26, 1987 Edward Cairney was also accused for assaulting another woman named Margaret Cruickshanks at Seacroft according to the report that Cairney was pushing the victim against furniture, and put his hand around the woman’s throat & spit in her face. The two carers has denied all the charges. The two of them were also accused of trying to board a train to London at Glasgow Central Station on October 25 last year while they are holding  £3,500 and the keys to a safe deposit box. Margaret Fleming was captured together with the parents of Avril Jones, the second accused.

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